HeyPak® is our customized sublingual immunotherapy that allows your allergies to be treated from home without any injections.

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Customized Sublingual Immunotherapy

HeyPak® is our customized sublingual immunotherapy that allows your allergies to be treated from home without any injections. Sublingual immunotherapy, commonly known as “allergy drops,” involves the daily administration of liquid allergen mixes under the tongue. Unlike medications like antihistamines that treat allergy symptoms, sublingual immunotherapy targets the root cause of your allergies.These daily drops provide your body with repeated exposure to small but increasing doses of the allergen(s). Over time, your immune system builds tolerance and becomes desensitized to the allergen, reducing your allergy symptoms and the need for medications.

Why HeyPak®?


Through both clinical use and research studies, sublingual immunotherapy has proven to be an effective form of allergy treatment for the past 20 years. To make sure you receive the most benefit from this therapy, we employ optimal mixing practices to prepare your HeyPak®. These practices involve methodically selecting each allergen extract and their effective doses to include in your customized mix.


Sublingual immunotherapy is shown to be safer than allergy shots, which allows it to be administered at home. Our expert healthcare providers closely manage your treatment with HeyPak®, providing you with specific instructions and comprehensive education regarding the sublingual immunotherapy process. Additionally, we follow strict allergen extract preparation guidelines set forth by the U.S. Pharmacopeia to ensure that your HeyPak® is mixed in a safe, sterile environment.


Treatment length with HeyPak® will vary from patient to patient. It is recommended to continue the therapy for 3-5 years to promote long-term relief from allergies. Our healthcare providers will cater to each patient individually to ensure they attain the most benefit from HeyPak®.


HeyPak® is unique to you. At HeyAllergy®, we have done thorough analysis of all the pollen that is endemic to your geographic location and will order a lab test for those specific allergens. Based on your allergy test results, a customized formula will be created for you. This, in combination with using effective dose ranges set forth by guidelines makes HeyPak® the most effective treatment on the market in giving you allergy relief.


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