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By using telehealth services to bring care to your home, we are treating patients who exhibit mild-to-moderate symptoms. If our healthcare providers find it necessary for a patient to receive in-person evaluation, we may direct you to see an allergist or other specialist in a clinic setting.

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Helena, Fresno, CA

It was very easy to get connected with an allergy specialist at HeyAllergy. All the documents you need to fill out are streamlined online. I deal with asthma and needed my albuterol inhaler. I was able to do my visit at the comfort of my own home and get my medication prescribed to me right away.

William, Chicago, IL

I have been dealing with hayfever all my life. The constant nasal congestion and runny nose has become unbearable. I was never able to do allergy shots in the past due to my busy schedule. I am excited to start sublingual drops.

Allergy pill

Blaire, New York, NY

My daughter has been suffering from eczema since she was born. Dr. Manoukian was able to tell me which food or environmental allergens my child was allergic to with a blood test and put her on the right medications. She has improved immensely since that time. It was very convenient to see the doctor via telemedicine, especially when having to take care of two kids.

Anahit, Philadelphia, PA

I broke out in hives once again overnight. I was going crazy from all the itching. I was able to get a quick appointment with Dr. Manoukian. He quickly prescribed me steroids and put me on an anit-histamine regimen that improved my symptoms. In the past I went to the emergency room and I had to wait there for hours before being seen. They gave me medications initially that helped, but symptoms quickly returned after.

Paul, Kissimmee, FL

I am very happy being placed on HeyPak® for my seasonal allergies. I have been using these sublingual drops for a few months now and I feel they are already helping me. I have been having less sneezing and itchy eyes.

Medical Director

Krikor Manoukian MD, FAAAAI, FACAAI
Board Certified Allergist & Immunologist

Dr. Manoukian is a Clinical Associate Professor of Allergy & Immununology at University of California Irvine (UC Irvine) and is the founder of HeyAllergy®, Allergydox, and Los Angeles Food Allergy Institute, where he strives to provide quality and effective care for patients suffering from various allergies, asthma, and immunodeficiencies.

uc irvine health associate professor
American college of allergy asthma and immunology
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